The Cattery


Our new luxury cattery is now open! 


We have ten 'standard size' cat chalets suitable for up to 2 cats, 2 'family size' chalets for up to 4 cats and our 'super-size' chalet for up to 6  cats. All cats sharing a chalet MUST be from the same household - we do not mix cats from different households.

Each chalet has a fully insulated indoor sleeping area and a covered outdoor run with a huge viewing window and shelf to sit and watch the neighbours or the wildlife outside. The sleeping area has thermostatically controlled under-floor heating, fully double-glazed window and 2 shelves on which to curl up and have a snooze.

The cats have free access via 2 cat-flaps (floor height & shelf height) to their own outdoor run 24 hours a day. The covered litter trays are usually in the outdoor runs, but for those ‘shy’ guests that like a bit of privacy, they are moved into the indoor sleeping area.



Cats are normally fed Royal Canin Fit 32 dry food, but we do stock a variety of tinned food or sachets if your pet prefers it. If your cat is on a prescription diet, or is a particularly fussy eater we would ask you to bring a sufficient supply of his/her normal food.

They are usually fed twice a day, but we will do our best to stick to your usual routine to keep your pets stay as stress-free as possible.




All baskets and vetbed fleece bedding is provided but you are advised to bring a blanket / T-shirt / comforter that has the scent of your pets home environment to help settle him/her in.




Routine / long-term medication will be administered according to your instructions at no extra cost. 




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