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P1000447Our brand new luxury kennel block is almost finished but is already in service. The new block has a total of ten kennels: 4 standard size, 4 large and 2 extra large, so you can be sure that your dog will get plenty of personal attention.


Each kennel has a fully tiled indoor sleeping area and a 3-metre long covered outdoor run which provides shelter if it's raining or shade if it's hot and sunny. The indoor sleeping areas all benefit from underfloor heating and double-glazed doors and windows to allow plenty of natural daylight into each kennel. The glazed doors give your dog the sense that he /she is in a 'room within a house' rather than a kennel and it has already been noticeable how much calmer the dogs are in this new environment.P1000466




The dogs have free access via a ‘hatch’ to their own outdoor run from 8am to 9pm. In addition they are let out into an 800m2  fully-fenced grass exercise area at least 3 times a day. Here they can play ball, let off steam, sniff around or, if possible, meet new friends. If your dog gets on with other dogs then they may be let out to play together, otherwise your dog will be exercised on his/her own. All dogs are exercised under constant supervision and will NOT be left unattended.




Dogs are normally fed Royal Canin dry food, but we do stock a variety of tinned food if your pet prefers it. If your dog is on a prescription diet, or is a particularly fussy eater we would ask you to bring a sufficient supply of his/her normal food.

They are usually fed twice a day, but we will do our best to stick to your usual routine to keep your pets stay as stress-free as possible.




We have recently invested in brand new Kuranda Dog Beds for all of our canine guests. These unique beds provide off-the-floor comfort and are virtually indestructible. All beds and vetbed fleece bedding is provided but you are advised to bring a blanket/T-shirt/comforter that has the scent of your pets home environment to help settle him/her in. We are so pleased with the performance of the Kuranda Dog Beds that we are now acting as a distributor throughout France and you can order your Kuranda Dog Bed by visiting our  Shop.




Routine / long-term medication will be administered according to your instructions at no extra charge.


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